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Our Story

Pen & Paper - Love at First Write

Growing up, I was always excited for the first day of school. I loved shopping for school supplies and preparing myself for the year ahead of me. From notebooks to folders, back-to-school shopping was one of my most treasured traditions.

As I transitioned into adulthood, I found my adoration for organization hadn't wavered. Something about the smell of a new notebook or the satisfaction of crossing tasks off my to-do list had me hooked. 

Organization became one of my most admired attributes as I entered the corporate world. What began as a little girl's love for color-coordinated planners had turned into a skillset that was unmatched by my peers. Yet, I found the tasks required to manage both my professional and personal life were far too great for a single standard-issue planner. 

Little Sister

Sorellina Paper, named after the Italian word for "Little Sister," was a concept dreamed up by sisters, Joseline Montero and Joanna Garabito, as they discussed this work-life paradox over dinner. From dining room table to design room, they worked to develop a planner that could help manage all aspects of their lives - not just in their professions. But, they didn't stop there.

They wanted to design the perfect planner for organizational aficionados, but also one that could bring inspiration to all that introduced it into the folds of their life. These planners would give people the courage to set a clear path and purpose in their lives. To create a plan, and to have the boldness and strength to set that plan into motion. They wanted their planners to inspire customers to pursue their destinies. 

Planners, Pencils, and Beyond 

As our passion for designing empowering office supplies grew, so did our product line. We set out to find the highest quality products available to complement our one-of-a-kind planners.

Our products are designed to capture your imagination, your journey, and to help guide you to a path that fulfills your life and fills your heart. Our dream is to spread positivity and love to all that use our products. 

We hope Sorellina ignites a flame within your soul as it has in ours.

- Joseline & Joanna